Giving Back to the Community


This year Andy File Associates will be giving back to the local community and we have chosen Rotherham Hospice to give a donation to in lieu of Christmas gifts. Andy File and the team think that Rotherham Hospice is a worthy cause and would like to make a gift donation this year to support the on-going great work within the Rotherham Borough.

Sharon Thompson the Corporate Fundraiser at Rotherham Hospice had this to say “Rotherham Hospice is an independent charity delivering care through a range of services to people affected by a terminal illness.  Our care helps patients, their families, and carers achieve the very best quality of life and personal experience, both at home and in the Hospice. Rotherham Hospice needs around £5 million a year to provide our services free of charge to the people who need them.  We receive some money from the NHS and the balance in the region of £2.2 million we raise from local community support, individuals, businesses and organisations in Rotherham.”

If you would like to know more about this great organisation or how to support it yourself please contact us and we can put you in touch.




How far we go to find quality candidates

We explore every channel available when sourcing candidates but this weekend saw Andy File Associates Software and Marketing Consultant Ben Saxton take it to extremes!

raglethBen took on the Long Mynd Hike, on a unique challenge in the Shropshire hills. This is a 24hour, 50 mile challenge that can be either hiked or run and includes 8 significant and severely steep climbs ranging from 600ft to 1000ft of ascent, walking through forest, bogs and ploughed fields as well as night time navigation.

We are pleased that Ben simply turned up on Monday morning and delighted that he recorded a position of 257th out of 600 and a time of 19hours 57minutes.

When he limped into the office he stated,


“That was easily the toughest challenge I’ve done – Your mind wanders into some dark places during the early hours of the morning. Daylight broke for us at 42miles, only then could you count the miles down rather than up!”

When not competing in challenges or nursing his blisters, sore legs and back Ben loves to match great marketing and developer talent to companies looking to grow their businesses – Please contact us for more information on 0114 2821 281 or Ben directly on 07736 046303

Ben was walking in support of Sheffield Children’s Hospital so if you want to support please visit the Just Giving page

Daybreak over the Long Mynd brought the last 8 miles of the challenge

Daybreak over the Long Mynd brought the last 8 miles of the challenge