Who are we? – Consultant Profile – Anne Braithwaite


How long have you worked in recruitment for?

I’ve worked in recruitment now for over 30 years


Who have you worked for and what positions?

I started my career in recruitment working for Adecco many years back as an IT Trainer when they started life as Alfred Marks and then through mergers/acquisitions became Adia Alfred Marks and ultimately the company it still is today Adecco. I was promoted several times and worked my way up from Branch Assistant to Perms Consultant, Temps Consultant, Branch Operations Manager Commercial & Contracts looking after major clients in Leeds and Harrogate.  I then moved to Manpower to manage a branch and key on-site contracts and enjoyed a promotion to  Area Manager where I was responsible for 6 branches before taking on a new challenge with Blue Arrow where I was tasked with turning around a struggling city branch which I was successful in achieving.  I then decided to join an owner managed business specialising in niche markets, legal being one of them and after 3 years I took the plunge and decided to set up my own business which I ran successfully for the next 3 years working in the UK and abroad.  When I decided to return to the UK I contacted Andy as we had known each other for several years and I wondered if he knew of any openings back in Yorkshire.  He asked me if I would consider joining his company and I was delighted to have the opportunity to work with him and 3 years later, I am now heading up the Executive Search and Legal Division.


 Why do you love working in the recruitment industry?

I have to say I got the recruitment ‘bug’ very early on and although there are always highs and lows which I affectionately call the ‘recruitment rollercoaster’, I have a genuine passion for it and never tire of the buzz of helping someone secure a new role.  Whether it’s someone’s first job after leaving education or someone’s job of a lifetime the feeling is amazing and you really feel you have made a difference.


What’s the interesting or unusual role you’ve ever recruited for?

Unusual – Animal Technician – job spec was working with, cleaning out and feeding primates

Unusual – Marketing Assistant – job spec must be happy dressed as a Nut and promote a well known brand of sun screen oil

Just odd – Fish monitor and fish gutter at a fish farm

Interesting – PA to a very well known English actress, scriptwriter and director (the most comprehensive job spec ever seen)

Interesting – Scientific Manager in Biomedical Engineering

Unusual and Interesting – In the early days before technology – providing look alike candidates for police ID parades


Jobs you never knew existed until I was tasked with filling them –

Sweeper in Crumbs Department at a prestigious bakery

Straight carrot sorter for a Yorkshire supermarket

Experienced ride operators for a theme park

Excrement shovelers for a utilities company


On the Andy File Associates Website you’ve got some wonderful recommendations from candidates and clients alike, what’s your secret?

I know I have mentioned it before but I believe in what I do and I have a natural passion for it and I always treat everyone, clients or client candidates, exactly the way I would like to be treated myself.  I am regularly told that I am refreshingly different to deal with as a recruiter or I’m not like other agency consultants and when I ask someone why, they generally say you listen, you are thorough and clients feel I take time to get to know their business and candidates say ‘you come across as being interested in me, I honestly feel you are trying to find the best role/client fit for me and that you care’. I do work closely with my clients and client candidates to build relationships and I keep all parties updated and informed at all times, communication is key.  But sshhhh don’t tell everyone my secrets!!



In the photo you’re with a candidate you’ve placed at your clients recent awards night, can you tell me about that?

I have worked with Countrywide for many years and I work in partnership with the hiring managers when they have vacancies to fill so I know them very well and I know the person fit very well.  So, when I was given the opportunity to assist with a new part of the business I was excited to get involved with the recruitment and help if I could.  This role was very new and being in Private Conveyancing it needed to be the right skilled person for the job and I was fortunate enough to find Joanne’s details.  Following interviews with myself and with the Director Joanne was offered the position in Autumn 2016 and the photo you see is myself with Joanne attending the Annual Awards Ceremony in January 2017 at The Lowry in Manchester to which myself and Andy were invited as their primary recruitment partner.


Why did you join Andy File Associates Ltd after having your own Recruitment Business?

I had decided to return from abroad and was looking to join an owner managed business rather than a major player and one where I would be happy to take my existing business with me and be given the opportunity to expand on that with new clients and to become part of a team again.


Why have you stayed at Andy File Associates Ltd?

Working for an owner managed business I have much more autonomy and freedom than when I worked for some of the major players where one had to be highly corporate and any changes or requests for anything outside ‘the norm’ would take an inordinate amount of time to sort and agree to.  Here at Andy File Associates I just speak with Andy and we are able to make decisions quickly, we can change or tailor our service to meet our clients’ ever changing needs and requirements so this means we get things done straight away and our clients are happy – just check out the testimonials, they really do speak for themselves.


What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

My spare time is precious and usually at the weekend so when I can I like to:

Watch Rugby Union

Go to rock concerts

Travel and have holidays in the sun

Enjoy Cantonese food or Tapas socialising with friends.


Thank you for your time and keep an eye out for the next profile